Finally, this is better, …

Finally, this is better, than one do
His own task as he may, even though he fail.
Than take tasks not his own though they seem good.
To die performing duty is no ill,
But who seeks other roads shall wander still.

– Gita

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May 21, 2012 · 11:26 pm

STOP Whining….

Most of us grown-ups whine. If you accept it or not, its true. Kids also do whine, but they tend to forget about it later. But, we grown-ups don’t drop them, we carry it with us. If you find any kid whining and then carrying it the next day/next week/next month…good news!! That kid is on his/her way to become a grown-up.

Why do men(women) whine? If you treat this question as a 2mark school exam question and start answering, you may end up answering, as if it was a 16 mark(or even higher) question. When I started answering it, the list wasn’t ending. So, I stopped it and started answering Why shouldn’t I STOP Whining??!!

If you are a person who doesn’t whine(or does it for a fraction of a moment), I don’t feel reading further is of any use to you. But, still if you are in mood to find out what I think, you’re most welcome. And, if you are a person who keeps whining now and then, whine at home/workplace; indoors/outdoors; day/night …. and if you ask me “Should I proceed reading?” My answer is Why Not?!

You are not going to read a lecture rendered by me or some great personalities. Neither am I going to give the GYAN(Knowledge) on ‘How to stop whining in/about your life‘ or something similar. I would just like to share a  few points I knew:

1. If you are whining, its purely YOU who is whining, not others. Also, its you who is going to suffer.

2. If others are whining, replace YOU with HE/SHE in the 1st point. My Dad taught me that ‘Its fine even if you are not helping others, but don’t hurt others’. Life taught me ‘Try to help others who are hurt, but don’t get hurt yourselves while helping them’.

3. Human emotions can spread like wild fire, its contagious. Don’t ever rub others emotions over yours, if they tend to hurt you. Doing so, will make you whine, even more than ever.

If you think that I am suggesting you to be SELFISH, then you are mistaken. While saving an electrocuted person, we need to use the right tools and apt methods. Else, the effort will prove to be a waste and the victim and rescuer, both may lose their lives. The emotions that a person experiences during pre-whining and post-whining phases may be more dangerous than a live wire. You may never know the consequences of coming in touch with those emotions. They can be inspiring or devastating. So, be careful. Choose wisely among the tools available or get apt ones if not available. Then, use them properly to fight the cause of your/others whining. Good luck!!

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the multiple facets

When a coin is flipped, it rotates in air end-over-end several time and when it lands and comes to rest, we will be able to see the side which is facing up. In school, the probability and statistics problems while referring to flipping coin, they mention the usage of unbiased coin and of unbiased conditions. It’s because if anything is biased, calculating probability or of that matter, calculating anything else becomes difficult and also impossible in maths. In real life, probability of having unbiased situations is unpredictable. When the coin is flipped, there is also chance of coin landing vertically rather than landing on its sides viz. head or tail. Life is NOT Unbiased.

In engineering drawing, students are taught to draw the three views of an object viz top, bottom, side views. Only by merging all the views we can get a clear idea of the object. Likewise, in our day-to- day life, to get a complete all-round understanding of anything, we need to probe into it; find out the different facets of it.

I am reminded of a story where a group of visually-challenged children visit a zoo to learn about an elephant. They are let free to touch and feel the elephant in order to understand it. Later, when they are questioned, they all answer differently. The first child who had touched and felt the elephant’s legs says “Elephant is huge,tall cylinder”. The second child who had experienced the elephant’s tail answers “Elephant is a long rope”. Some other child from that group says “Elephant is a long tube”,having felt the elephant’s trunk. Neither of the children are completely wrong. Their answers were based on the assumptions they had formed by experiencing/probing only a single aspect of an elephant. If they had experienced and probed in all the possible aspects/facets regarding an elephant, they might have answered correctly.

A person can completely understand themselves only when probed in the following directions:

1. What do we think of ourselves?

2. What do others think of us?

3. What we are actually?

When the answers of the above questions are combined, we will get to know the ‘real us’.

In the story of visually-challenged children, the significance of ‘understanding the multiple facets/aspects’ is mentioned. Properly merging/combining the multiple facets/aspects is also necessary. If a car is viewed from its four sides viz front, back, right and left, the car appears to be resting on two tires. So, calculating the number of tires of car as follows: Number of tires of a car = Sum of the number of tires observed on all the sides = 4 sides * 2 tires on each side = 8 tires. If a play-school kid hears this answer, even they may laugh at it.

In this biased life we live, understanding multiple aspects is important and properly merging them is also equally important in order to get a clear picture of anything (fact/object/concept/living being…) in order to cope with them. Few facets/aspects might seem silly, but if ignored… they might make us look silly.

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Are your prayers answered?

Recently I happened to see a Audi Q5. Wow! The next moment I started praying “Oh God! Please provide me with such a car…”. There is a magnificent house being constructed near my present place of stay. Seeing it I couldn’t stop praying God for a huge duplex with a lawn, portico etc… This act of praying and annoying God never stops in my case.

I guess almost everybody performs this act of praying day in and day out, either intentionally or unintentionally. A prayer is a fervent request. A prayer is a reverent petition made to God. Just remove God from that petition, it becomes a wish. So, there isn’t much difference between a prayer and a wish. I have my own theory to support this thought. In prayer God acknowledges petitions. In wish we are not sure who acknowledges the petition placed. But someone or something is/are surely going to acknowledge it. God is considered to be omnipresent. That someone or something acknowledging the petition has God in it. Thus, it doesn’t make much difference if one folds hands in front of God and pray or making a wish… In both the cases the act of placing a petition is being performed.

When a person is capable of wishing, why does he/she choose to pray? That is because, through prayer the petitioner expresses his helplessness and endows the doer-ship of the task to God.

“God has editing rights over our prayers. He will edit them, correct them, bring them in line with His will and then hand them back to us to be submitted.” – Stephen Crots

They say, when two palms come together with some force and in proper alignment to each other, only then a better clap sound is produced. If intense  prayer/strong wish is one palm, the other is the proper effort. Without any effort in the proper and necessary direction if a person just goes on and prays/wishes something like “I want Katrina Kaif to be my wife!!”. That person is surely to become the laughing stock among others. If that person wishes/prays very sincerely, strongly and takes necessary steps towards its fulfillment, chances that his prayer/wish may come true is abundant. The same person who would have become laughing stock among others in the earlier case, would now become a hero, a role model. This is just an example.

Once an elderly lady in the service-cum-spiritual organization I attend, told me that a prayer we do for the sake of others, is much more effective and sure to be answered, than a prayer for ourselves. I am not sure of this.But one thing I am very sure of. If a person feels that, people around him believes in him/her and are praying for him/her, that person’s confidence level is boosted and he/she works much more efficiently and energetically than before and the chances for accomplishment of the task is escalated.

While taking steps towards accomplishment of a task, a prayer/wish may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things. A prayer may act as a reminder. A wish might guide you towards completion.

And this is how folks, Prayers are answered and Wishes are fulfilled.


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What shall be my first post ?!…

Hey Reader… Welcome to my English Blog ‘OS Musings’.

To let off steam I started my Telugu Blog Tejaswi. The idea behind this new English blog will also be something similar. So, what do basically blogs contain? Blogs contains posts.. So, I had to write posts. What shall be my first post?! For the past 2 weeks I have been beating my brains out to come up with a post, which shall look and sound better and attract readers. Oh God.. That was hell of a task.

I penned two posts and also mentally created few others also. But, none seem to fit for my first post. They say, Buddha sat under a Bodhi tree and meditated and was finally enlightened. Also heard stories of few great persons who studied under street lights. So, last Sunday I started exploring a place to get ideas for my first post. Finally ended up in Chennai’s Marina Beach. But, to my surprise neither I was enlightened like buddha nor became a genius like those great persons.

So, I stopped chasing topics and contents for my very first post in this blog and came up with a idea to jot down my efforts and present it here. Thus, my first post is born. The site’s still under construction. So, bear with me and my blog till it is fully constructed and I expect the same from you after its full construction too.

FYI.. I am not well versed in English. As a matter of fact, am  not good in any language. Not even in my mother tongue. Only after I started writing in my Telugu blog, I improved my telugu language skills. The same goes for this blog too. Please provide your valuable comments and suggestions. Please feel to correct me where ever possible. Have a nice time.


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